Single Session Shifts

Ready to make a major shift in your life, mindset, or business?


Book in an hour breakthrough call with Bria and get a massive upgrade in how you think and how you see the world.


  • Get clear on your purpose and reaching your highest potential.

  • Get help and support from a Bria through Success and Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnotherapy, and Time Techniques which will help you overcome anything, so you can make your biggest comeback yet.


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Types of Single Sessions

Pizza Chef

Release Negative Emotions

Discover origins of the negative emotions towards someone or something

Anchor positive emotions you can tap into anytime 

Tap into desired emotions


Weight Loss Essentials

Weight loss

Clarity on what's holding you back

Discover weight loss goals


Mindset Shifts


Reach the Top

Goal Setting/ Clarity 

Get clear on desired goals/ outcomes

  • Weightloss

  • Career/ Life

  • Relationships


Create an action plan

Clarity on your ideal day


Thinking Man on Couch

Release Limiting Beliefs

Get clear on what you're limited on

Tap into desired feelings