Stocking stuffers under $30

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's getting colder and the days are short. Winter is indeed here so here's a list of some ideas for stuffing ye 'ol stocking. Because lets face it you waited until the last minute and a Google search brought you here!

Popsocket: These little suckers keep your phone in you hand. Save yourself the trouble of having to buy a new phone when it shatters.

Selfie Right Light: The Christmas Tree isn't the only thing that can be lit up! This is the gift that keeps on giving. Especially if you're the selfie taking Any brand will do, but this one of Amazon is pretty cheap.

Metal Straws: Didn't anyone tell you how bad plastic is? Alternative material straws are popping up everywhere. Help save the earth and have reusable straws? I'm in!

Customized Journal: Your loved one can start the new year deep in thought, jotting down, or even taking notes for class. Having a cute journal is nice, but having you name on it is a nice added flare.

Bath Bombs: I'm part of the 10% of people who still love taking a relaxing bath. This is a great gift for likeminded souls.

Flask: Nothing says family like trying to block them out of your mind. Shower drink holder: While who ever these gifts are for has a relaxing bath with their newly gifted bath bombs they can reach over and have an adult beverage. Because why the hell not?

Bluetooth Keyboard: A gift for someone who's always at work.

Portable phone charger: Great for someone always on the go.

Fancy Water Bottle: Everyone needs water. Why not drink like the Queen (or King) that you are?!

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