The difference between personal image, personal branding, and marketing

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Your brand isn’t just about what you do. You’re selling a lifestyle. Especially on social media. You don’t just want to put out things and hope they stick. You want to be very conscious of your brand and use it with intention.

Personal image is how you look-- it’s the appearance. The way you walk, talk, dress, and behave.

On the other hand, your personal brand is what you use to manage how others perceive you and what you offer. It's how you are representing yourself or your business.

A personal brand is not equal to the person themselves. The brand is how they are represented. It’s how the public sees you or your company.

Personal branding is the feeling that is behind that image.

It’s what people say when you’re not in the room.

It’s why people keep coming back to you.

It’s your reputation.

Marketing is how strangers get introduced to you and your brand.


For example, my image may be a man in a red suit. My brand is a billionaire who uses his money make that red suit very special and teams up with his buddies to save the world time and time again. All while inspiring children and adults alike and entertaining with his interesting and charismatic personality. Marketing is Robert Downey Jr. going on late-night talk shows to talk about him playing the role of Iron Man. 

You’re selling the lifestyle of how someone feels when they read or look at your posts.

So, who are you? That’s the question you have to ask yourself about you or your company.

It’s who are you versus what do you do. Who are you is your brand. What do you do is what you’re doing for marketing.

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