Tea for the soul

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

If you're like me drinking tea could be considered a hobby. If you're not like me you'll probably still like what Calabash Tea Bar & Cafe has on to offer.

The service was great. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It truly surpassed chick-fil-a standards. (Fun fact: If you're ever looking for a good gift for me... loose leaf tea is a great one!)

Anyway, Calabash Tea Bar & Cafe had street parking on 7th Street. It  turned out not to be so difficult. The small cafe is located in Shaw near the Howard Theatre. OH and did I mention it's black-owned!?

As soon as I walked in there was an earthy and semi-sensual smell. A mixture of different herbs that lead my soul and my taste buds to the counter.  Seating is a little tough, but we didn't have to wait long before some became available.

A friend suggested I try the Matcha Maca latte. When she tried it she was forever sold and even bought the powders to make every morning instead of coffee. (Maca is native to peru  and it's used for all sorts of things. Apparently it's good for increasing sexual desire, balances hormones and is full of  vitamins and Amino acids.)

I ended up getting another drink. One of the baristas suggested TeaYonce. It was delish!

The menu has over 100 teas and tonics to try. My friend told one barista that she had a hangover and he promptly replied, "you need a Tea-Tox!". As soon as you walk up a barista will probably ask you how you're feel and suggest a drink accordingly.

There were also a few food options. The soup of the day, cocoanut curry chickpea soup, was really good. All their food is vegan and often gluten-free. The also had vegan Jamaican patties. YUM!

Ultimately, each drink is around $5 and definitely under $10.

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