How to survive the COVID-19 Coronavirus financial recession

Have you ever noticed the people who seem to always get the things that want?

Whether it’s a spouse or a job or money….

They somehow have the ability to consistently come into resources despite the odds.

There’s no difference between those people and you!

Yes, we all come from different backgrounds and circumstances. Still, everything you need is available to you!

When you’re looking at having a lack (time or money), you’re admitting that there is a lack in general. So, when you’re focusing on lack, you’re attracting it as well.

There’s so much abundance everywhere. The trick is being able to channel that into your life. You just have to tap into that mindset and work from a place of fulfillment instead of lack.

There’s always a way…

A way to find extra money.

A way to create new opportunities.

A way to make choices that positively impact your situation.

To make more money you have not just take the actions to earn it but you have to focus on opportunity and possibility.

It can be as simple as…

Taking 5 extra minutes to do something…


setting aside $5 towards something a goal…


not having a $5 coffee daily…

You name it! There’s a way.

Optimize what you have and don’t make excuses!

The time is NOW.

You have no better time than now to investing in yourself.

Positive mindset and money beliefs are a crucial part of your money relationship, but most importantly they have to be followed up by action.

Based on the systems and strategies that you have right now, are you going to be able to hit your goals in the next six months? Odds are probably not.

Then what are you waiting for? Why keep doing something that’s not working hoping for some other outcome. That’s crazy!

What is not taking action costing you?

When it comes to sales you are ultimately saying yes to a possibility or yes to limitation. You are either buying into your potential or your limiting beliefs. You are either buying into the next level version of you who is amazing and achieving all their dreams or you’re playing small watching other people have success.

You’re always saying yes to something.

Not deciding or staying on the fence is a decision. It may not feel like it but inaction is a decision not to be active. Therefore, you are inherently and active. You have to see where you want to be.

Are you saying yes to your potential? Are you saying yes to staying where you are?

Where do you want to be in the next month? Six months? Year? 10 years?

Aren’t you tired of watching other people live your dream?!

You can’t change the past but you can move forward. With every new day comes a new possibility for greatness. Where do you stand?

So many people are setting expectations and goals based on the past versions of themselves. It’s time to level up. It’s time that you shift your mind and motivations to align with how you see the highest vibes and successful version of yourself.

It’s not negative to focus on failure. It’s good you may have failed in the past. Without that failure, you may not have pushed yourself to learn from it and gain new tools and hindsight. Perhaps that failure was just what you needed in order to succeed!

Stop operating on an old version of you!

Every time technology has some kind of update to software or things stop working and shut down what do you do? You upgrade! Whether that’s getting new technology in itself or updating the software. It’s time to update and upgrade your internal software.

Stop operating on an old version of yourself!

Just like an old computer if you stop updating the software it becomes obsolete. Operate out of the version that is more dynamic and experienced. You’re a different person then back when things didn’t work out. Start acting like it!

You never know your “failures “are actually leaving you too...

Money, growth, and declaring what you want from the universe is all within your power.

You wouldn’t take Business advice from someone who doesn’t have a business. So don’t take life in money advice from someone who isn’t living life and who isn’t happy. That doesn’t make sense! That old version of you isn’t living in success because if they were they would be moving onto the next thing with they want instead of continuing to try to get to where they want to be.

Upgrade your expectations and take inspired action to achieve the goals that you know you deserve

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