How to manifest EVERYTHING you want this year

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I'm not sure about you, but I'm SO excited to get my hands of 2020.

In 2019, did you feel like you were stuck in a rut and had some setbacks?

I get it. We've all been there. The key is not staying there. Mostly you came out of whatever you've been through stronger.

Take this new year as a chance to have clean slate!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to manifest:

- Growing your online business so that you can finally do work that lights you up & get MASSIVELY compensated for it ✨

- Yourself being that LEADER you’ve always dreamt of: the confident, assertive, truth-speaking soul who is unafraid to show up and be seen Ultimate freedom to live life YOUR way & do whatever you want (aka travelling to Thailand, buying a new car, or maybe starting writing that book you've been putting off).

I’ve been where you are at, and I know exactly how you can step into your power to make your desires a reality.

Just over a year ago, I was terrified of speaking my truth and allowing myself to be seen for what I have to offer. I was playing small, dimming my light, and trying to follow everyone else was "successful". I was also working a job that felt limiting to what I know my potential holds.

I had a lot of fear around what other people would think of me coming out of the spiritual closet and my mind was on a constant loop of fear-based thoughts 😭

Now today, my life looks a WHOLE lot different.


I’ve left my career in news to pursue my soul’s calling as a Confidence + Multimedia Branding coach full timeI show up with full confidence online, sharing my message and offering valueI embrace a high vibrational state of living & BEING that is in full alignment with my purpose and passions daily (aka, I have DEEP TRUST in the Universe and that everything I desire is always coming my way - which makes manifestation happen with EASE - literally sometimes in MINUTES!)

How did I transform from where I was a year ago, or even two years ago (when I was struck with anxiety and negativity thinking on the regular) to where I am now?

Here are 3 things that I did to help me manifest this NEXT LEVEL reality that I am living now:

#1 : I DECIDED that enough was enough

Choice is our super power! When we CHOOSE, change happens in an instant. Imagine what life would look like 20 years from now, if we never took action on what we desired out of fear. When I think about this my FOMO (fear of missing out) in life kicks in. I decided a while ago that I couldn’t bear to even think about what missing out on my potential and never leaving corporate would look like. Which meant leaving my job, showing up MORE and MORE as who I truly am, and making confidence & subconscious mind reprograming front and center in what I offer in my business.

#2: I got REAL CLEAR on how I want to be living my life every day

Setting the intention of where you want to go is crucial. I like to have plans. Even if I don't know the EXACT way I'm going to do something I like to have at least an idea of the manner I'm going to GET IT DONE. Think about it, if you never program into a GPS your destination, how would your GPS know where to route you? It’s the same concept with the Universe. I got REAL CLEAR by setting my intensions and manifesting every vivid detail around what I would see, hear, feel, smell and taste and affirmed everything in the present tense with gratitude and passion. This programmed into my subconscious mind my specific vision and got my subconscious mind and the Universe working to get me there! Now, go get CLEAR about what you want to call in your life!

#3: Fake it until you make 💃🏽

I'm not saying pretned to be someone you're not. To make shifts in my life. I create the leveled-up version of you who already has everything you want exists right NOW. Everything is energy; you are energy and so are your desires. When you embody the version of you who already has the things that you want, you raising your frequency to match your desire. This calls for you to really reflect on what does your next level identity look like and for you to decide right NOW, that this is the person that you are becoming now in the present. When I thought about my next level self, I saw her as someone who is confident and assertive in speaking their truth.

Take to time to get motivated, love yourself, speak your mind, and showing up as your most confident self.


Playing to your full potential can be scary and investing into yourself can be even scarier.

But there's something FAR worst... Looking back at your life, wondering WHAT IF...​ ​

Live your life to your fullest potential and be free from what has been holding.

We have a purpose in life and it’s on us to find and follow it!


Stop letting bosses, parents, friends, or the voice inside of your head hold you back from you greatness. Don't fear their judgements. Other peoples' opinions only mean something if you allow it to affect you.

I encourage you to tap into your infinite source of personal power and overcome your fear of failure.

Do you feel like you're struggling to have a fulfilling and abundant life that feels aligned with your purpose?

I want you to know that you are not alone and it doesn’t have to be this hard.

So there's no more need for struggle in manifesting your most abundant and fulfilling life!

Try following these 3 steps above and I know it will completely empower you to MANIFEST what you deserve!

If you are ready to massively level up your mindset, self-confidence, self-love, and tap into your purpose in life -- then my coaching program with full-on support for 3-months is exactly the right fit FOR YOU.

You can apply for it right here.​

Can't wait to help you become who you have always meant to be.

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