Guide to awkward questions during the holidays

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

We all have those awkward moments when some asks something during holiday gathers that we wish we could just go hide in the closet that's bursting with everyone's winter coats.

A lot of them can be avoided.

Firstly, know that silence is ok. Sure it's awkward sometimes, but sometimes it's also better than saying anything. Be comfortable with silence and the anxiety won't set in.

To awkward moments I sometimes practice answers to things I know will be brought up. (How's your ex, why are you single, why don't you move closer, when are you going to church, etc.)

Being a good listener also helps.

You might not care about whatever nonsense Uncle Teddy is talking about, but if you look like you're listening he feels good about it.

Don't leave conversations open ended. When it's over... let it die. Don't do the awkward "soooo" with some random follow up. Be polite and keep it moving.

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