5 ways for entrepreneurs to be more productive

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Since starting my own business I spend most of my days in my apartment doing work, and occasionally co-working with othe's at coffee shops.

Since I am now responsible for making my schedule (or lack thereof), I wanted to share some tips on ways I stay focused.


1. Do what you're dreading first - Get what you don't want to do over with first. That way when you're winding down you have already done the worst of whatever you have to do.

2. Prioritize - As an entrepreneur, we want to make money. You should prioritize what you want to do during your day so you can be more efficient. Maybe don't take a 4 hour break to binge watch a show in Netflix or to play with you dog. Do what is going to make you money and then relax and have fun later.

3. Plan/ schedule - Have a calendar that you regularly update. Try to plan your week as much as you can. #ProTip: Plan out your next day the night before. If you have a plan it's easier to stick to that just hoping you get everything done.

4. Ask for help - The worst thing someone can tell you is 'no'. Whether it's help with your business or a project or just a shoulder to cry on-- it's ok. The strongest people know when to ask for help.

5. Do what makes you happy - It's simple. Happy lives= Happy business. It can be something as simple as eating ice cream once a week at your favorite place in town. Self- care is so important for you mental health.

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