Official Accelerator

by Bria white

Ready to upgrade your life?

NEWS FLASH: You don't need fancy schooling, a huge budget, or connections to create the life you want and hit your revenue goals.


You'll get everything you need in the 30-day Official Accelerator to take action right away.

Inside the

Official Accelerator...

You will receive coaching to make mindset and lifestyle shifts, accountability, and strategies to

be confident and make more money.

You’ll have direct access to work with Bria and start taking action in your work and private life right away.

It's time to join us inside Official Accelerator!

Our 4-week program includes:


✅ Online and at your own pace!

✅ Quick and easy tools you can use right away

✅ Weekly group coaching calls with Bria (that's me! you can literally ask me anything on these calls, so we can get into the specifics of your goals) 

✅ A private community to connect & collab with others in the program

✅ Your FREE solo call with Bria that's included!


Starting Jan. 8, 2019

Week One: Setup for Success

  • Remove the overwhelm

  • Set REAL #goals (micro and macro)

  • Create a workflow that suits YOUR preferences + goals

  • Six Principles for Success


Week Two: Self-discovery

  • Understanding your and others communication style

  • Formula of Empowerment

  • Getting out of comfort zone

  • Design your ideal world


Week Three: Mastering the Mindset

  • Get out of your own way

  • Challenge obstacles

  • Communicate your expectations and boundaries at every opportunity

  • Remove all blocks 


Week Four: Accountability

  • Actually stick with the plan

  • Look forward to your concise to-do list rather than avoid it

  • Create daily actions and habits

Take a look inside your journey through The OA…


Know Your Worth

Get clear on who you are and what you offer. If you don’t know, how can you expect someone to care?! We will work on exploring that and having the skills to position yourself as the leader in your space.


Brag Baby Brag!

Learn how to ask for what you deserve and create the opportunities you ACTUALLY want.



Figure out what you REALLY want in life and at work. 



Learn how to create and inspire any emotion at any moment. No one can make you feel any kind of way but yourself! Eliminate fear of rejection.


Delivery & Retention

Be a legacy in your world by showing up and being authentic. 


Slay Your Zone of Genius

Find what you are into and make it happen. You will make moves that will change your life. 


As an added bonus, you will get one FREE solo session with Bria!

One Time Payment of $547

(VALUED OVER $5,997)


$297 (2 Payments)

It's time to join us inside Official Accelerator. Our 4-week program includes: ✅ Quick and easy tools you can use right away ✅ Weekly group coaching calls with Bria (that...
Official Accelerator
Started Jan 8, 2020