The M.I.C. Method is for the woman who wants to grow out of being stressed and unsatisfied to being a boujee boss babe with a freedom-lifestyle.


You’ll find what motivates you, live life full of intention, and create your next level of high-achieving greatness. 

Bria uses the world’s leading mindset and energetic techniques to recode your emotions and subconscious thoughts and elevate your level of magnetism to attract the very best. 

“Worth EVERY penny! What Bria offers in this course has changed my life. The personal breakthroughs I had over the past few months are so powerful that everyone in my life notices something different about me. Her handouts and journal promos are so awesome. Along with the videos, they really have helped me see clearly what I was doing wrong and what I need to do next. Even now I still go back and use the material every week and reach out if I have any questions.”

Janice C.

3 Step


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What are your motivations?

You'll gain clarity around your habits and bring awareness to your goals, values, and priorities.



What intentions are you setting? You will learn what to do first to silence your inner critic and reach your full potential and how to rid your life of negativity.



What content are you giving the world?  This is where you truly craft the life of your dreams and you have control over what goes on in your day-to-day life.

You’ll learn all my tips, tricks, hacks, and tools needed to create a life full of happiness, travel, luxury, love, and adventure. You’ll learn to use your mindset to get everything you want, put the heavyweight on the universe to take it off your shoulders, and make manifestation easily.

Things will always get better and better, your rituals will become more and more self-indulgent and you’ll get more inspired to create more influence. All through the three elements of my program.

My coaching is for you if you are looking to deepen the relationship you have with yourself and you want to create a strong mindset and healthy confidence.  With proven techniques, practice, and action steps, I help you go from Burnout Betty to Boujie Badass. 

What You Get

✼ 6 Live Coaching Calls on the Group Facebook

✼ Weekly Training Modules & Action Steps

✼ Private Voxer messaging access with Bria 

✼ NLP, Time Techniques, and EFT Demonstrations In Each Live Call

✼ Manifestation Exercises That Turn Your Vision Into Your Reality

✼ Hands-On Tools & Techniques That You Can Apply On Your Own

✼ A Welcome Package With Pre-Study Material

✼ When You Pay in Full, You Get Unlimited Voxer That For The 3 Months

✼ Weekly Bonuses!

✼ A New Perspective On Yourself

✼ A Deeper Understanding Of Yourself

✼ Clarity On Your Goals & On The Action Steps To Get There

✼ A Feeling Of Worthiness And Motivation To Achieve All Your Goals

✼ A Strong Support System Of Like-Minded Women You Can Stay In Touch With After Those 3 Months



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This plan is 6 bi-weekly payments of $222! Includes everything listed above.



This plan is $444 per month for 3 months! Includes everything listed above. 



This plan is one payment of $2000 and includes everything listed above + 2 one-on-one sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Yay, I’m signing up!! Now what?

A: You’ll receive an email with information and a welcome package with your starter instructions! You’ll have immediate access to the $2200 worth of bonuses to dig into!! PLUS, you’ll start to feel expanded and transformed as soon as you confirm your sign up.  


Q: Is this course only for business owners or influencers?
A: NO! This course for any babe who is ready to upgrade her mindset and manifest easily. You can manifest raises in corporate America just as easily as you can manifest clients in your own business. I’m giving you the tools and tips to create the LIFE of your dreams, apply it to business, or don’t! Up to you.


Q: How long do I have access to the modules?

A: Forever and ever!! You have access to all updates, changes, and add-ons for life.


Q: Do you give refunds?

A: Due to the nature of the course and Bria’s work, we do not administer refunds at this time.


Q: Is this for me if I’ve already been studying personal development for a while now?
A: Of course! Bria firmly believes you can always learn more and stretch yourself further, which is exactly why she still takes courses and always has a coach. You’ll be learning the specific M.I.C Method that is not taught anywhere else.