Financial Freedom

The 4-week accelerator course to master your

Money Mindset Magic

Unleash unshakable  abundance

& personal growth

Ready to make money moves but don't want to do it alone?



I've got you!


This 4-week course will hold you accountable to be quantum shifts in your life and will transform your outlook on your finances. 


This program was created with YOU in mind.


This group coaching is the most affordable way to learn and integrate the get to launch your boss lifestyle!


Groups have limited space.


This small group format is designed to provide not only the guidance and instruction you need but support and accountability.


Group coaching is a great way to achieve a more powerful transformation in a shorter amount of time.

Is this you?

+ Ready & excited to surpass your current income cap

+ Working hard just to be at the same place

+ Want financial consistency

+ Crave financial clarity, flexibility, & freedom

+ Talking about money makes you uncomfortable

+ You know you need a change and ready to take action

+ Want to know why what you're doing isn't working

+ Ready to change the way you view money

+ Have a "spending problem"

+ Want to leave your 9-5

+ Want to tap into more possibilities & opportunities

+ Doing all the "right" things with no financial success

+ SO ready to ditch burnout & overwhelm 

+ Looking for side hustles

+ Want to manifest more great things in your life

+Want MORE out of life

What if...

+ You were excited to talk about money

+ When bills come, you don't have a negative physical reaction

+ You know more money was always on the way

+ Money has a non-factor to making choices

+ Paying bills has no impact on your mood or mindset

+ Creating new sources of income are second nature

+ You easily step out of your comfort zone

+ You book vacations and luxury experiences with financial ease

+ You rarely look at the price before you bought something

+ You didn't worry about where your next paycheck was coming from

+ You live your best life!


Don't miss out!

+ Are you ready to create the luxe life of your dreams?


+ Are you motivated and ready to become the wealthiest you´ve ever been?


+ Do you want to gain financial clarity and use your time to live your most lit up life? 


+ Do you strive to take control back over your life again?


+ Want to be held accountable by others who are equally committed to their own goals as you are to yours?


+ Want 1:1 mentoring, but don't feel ready to invest into a 1:1 coaching program?

What People Say...

“I really never thought that I was the one holding myself back...Within the first 2 weeks, I’ve made over $10,000 of unexpected income!!!

- Jo M.

Working with Bria has been a game-changer! I got great help with my business but also in my daily life because I am no longer paralyzed by the fear of not making enough money. People have even told me that I seem more confident.”

- Elizabeth J.

What You'll Get

+ Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls 

+ Online Video & PDF Training Modules 

+ Worksheets and Exercises That Turn Your Vision Into Your Reality

+ A Private WhatsApp Community 

+ NLP, Time Techniques, Manifestation & EFT Demonstrations for Your Transformation

+ A Welcome Package With Pre-Study Material

Additional Bonuses

+ Guide Hypnosis & Meditations  (Valued at $497)

+ 25 Alternative Income Ideas (Valued at $27)

+ How to Have Confidence on Camera  (Valued at $47)

+ Spare Change Money Saving Tracker (Valued at $127)

& FREE gifts worth $378

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