About Bria 

Bria White is a life and success coach for ambitious, goal-getters who are ready to have breakthroughs and want to pursue their passions.


 Bria works with clients to elevate their minds, bodies, and souls — transforming their lives.


Bria works as a certified Hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP, and Time Techniques Practitioner. Through subconscious mindset shifts, encouragement, and accountability, Bria combines the law of attraction with the law of action.


She is coaches ambitious, purpose-driven people confidence, personal and career growth, manifestation, mental wellness, and mindfulness. 

What People Say...

Kendall Smith

"It doesn’t matter what’s presented before Bria, she will persevere about it all. She is the epitome of elegance and determination."

Shavonn Daughtery

"Bria is not afraid to chase her dreams and she will do anything to help you live out yours as well."

Tawanda Johnson

"Smart, professional, and a



There was a time when Bria was at her lowest.


On paper her career was was great, but in reality, she was very unhappy.


Not so long ago, Bria was a Washington D.C. based multimedia journalist and storyteller. The biggest tool she takes from working in local news is the importance of being authentic and doing your research.


Bria started to hate going to my dream job because of other people and limitations being put on her. 


Her days consisted of perceived isolation, self-pity, and destructive behavior. She was surrounded by negative thoughts, beliefs, and people. 


The universe was giving Bria exactly was she was putting out until she decided to make a change. She didn’t want to wake up 40 years from then still unhappy, off-centered, and in the same place. She had vague goals and had lost her purpose. 


Bria took a leap of faith and worked on herself instead of being put into boxes she and others had put her into. 


Through self-development courses, she made mindset shifts that were just the beginning of her passion and new journey.


Bria has always dedicated her life to offering service in her prior career, but now it means that much more.


She is generating her personal growth and supporting the transformations of those whom she works with. 


The main message Bria aims to share on social media is that of inner-strength, confidence, and self-worth. 


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