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Successful You!

Today I tried Iron Goddess tea at @thewy

Meet Bria

Life & Success Coach dedicated to empowering ambitious women to get in touch with who they truly are. 

I'm addicted to self-improvement for a successful future.

No better time than NOW to overcome anxiety, avoid burn out, and reduce stress!

Go from Burnout Betty
Boujie Badass

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Work With Me

Get personalized 1-on-1 attention with my signature coaching program.

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M.I.C. Check

This podcast helps you maximize your potential through tools, tips, and hacks. It's time to manifest your ideal life.  


30-Day Transformation

This is your go-to for quick and easy course for self-guided breakthroughs.


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“Bria is such a joy! She has a warm energy about her that makes you feel heard and comfortable. No matter what you are discussing, she doesn’t judge and she will call you on your BS. I really needed that personally. The accountability I got from her made me stick to my money and fitness goals. I manifested two vacations I have planned for this year and just bought my own condo! EEEEKKK! I’m so grateful."

LaTasha S.

HR Manager


“I started learning a lot about myself. She helped me get out of a toxic job I felt stuck in, supported me through a breakup, and made me aware of my lack of self-love. She kept me grounded and helped me see things from a different and positive perspective. I’m still a working progress and I know that not every problem gets solved immediately, but working with a personal coach definitely helps to gain perspective and shift my mindset.”

Laura C.

Freelance Consultant

“I had been following Bria on IG for a few months before we started working together. She was extremely helpful to me when I reached out asking for some tips. Before that, I was then working with a different coach, but I didn’t feel the connection. I was very stuck in a low vibe for a long time because of my mindset and how much I hated my job. I was so tired of feeling that way and I feel like Bria really identified with me!”

Noelle S.

Marketing Specialist

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